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Hi all,

Yet again, we have had a jam packed week full of surprises and rather extraordinary moments. As part of our interfaith project with our paired school Brodetsky, it was our turn to go along and visit them. It was a short journey to Brodetsky: along the narrow pavements, up the steep hills and through the large security gates to find that eventually we were there!

After working incredibly hard with Mrs J in the art studio, we decided to share our work on the birds and link this to the meaning of Easter. By sharing the values of hope, peace, freedom, new life and gentleness, we really taught the children of Brodetsky that the values and meaning of Easter are also symbolised by the bird. It was a very precious moment and all our readers read and represented our class wonderfully. Both I and Mr Moore were incredibly proud. The behaviour of all the children who attended the afternoon was impeccable and they all stood out wonderfully well – well done year 4! When it came to Brodetsky’s turn at sharing, they taught us about how they celebrate Pesach. This is one of the most important Jewish festivals. During Passover, Jews remember the story of the Israelites liberation from slavery in Egypt. Brodetsky taught us that God unleashed ten plagues on the Egyptians, ending in the death of every family’s eldest son. God told the Israelites to sacrifice lambs and mark their doors with the blood to escape this fate. They ate the lambs with bitter herbs and unleavened bread (unrisen bread without yeast). We took part in this celebration by being sharing the Seder meal. This involved drinking the juice, eating the celery and cucumber which is usually eaten by Jews on the first two nights of Passover. There were blessings, songs and other ingredients to symbolise parts of the story. It was such a special afternoon where respect, understanding and differences were celebrated between many different faiths. Watching from afar, it was really precious to see new relationships develop between the children from all different cultures, backgrounds and faiths which has been the purpose of the interfaith project. Fabulous!

We have been starting to plan and look at what we can do for our class assembly on Wednesday. We have decided to use the story of the Journey by Francesca Sanna and are really looking forward to building on the work and learning that we had already done with Mrs. J.

Next week, will be our Easter celebration which will be in school. We are practising our songs in class and getting very excited for the Easter break.


In science this week we have been learning more about teeth. We have found out the names, types and functions of the different teeth humans have and even completed some maths problems based on teeth. We could have a few dentists in the making!

Reading planners

I have changed the reading awards for next week. Each child who reads 4 times will now receive an extra 10 minutes playtime in the Muga or on Ipads. Homework completed will also be counted for this.

Homework has been sent home tonight. Next week, all children who remain on GOLD and GREEN from our behaviour traffic light system will receive and extra playtime on Friday. This involves no negative action on sleuth (during playtimes and after school clubs).

PE Kits.

Our PE day is Tuesday, please make sure PE kits are in school as without them children will not be allowed to participate due to our health and safety policy. Please ensure jewellery is removed on PE days or are covered with a plaster. Thank you for your cooperation.


Our value next week will continue to be faithfulness. This week we thought about a target that we feel faithful to and how loyalty works alongside being faithful.

Maths book, Grammar book and topic homework have all gone out tonight.

A special task for homework this week is one that will really help in the class assembly. To take a very short 10 second video of a little journey the children will go on over the weekend. This could simply be a journey to the shop, a journey home, on the bus, in the car or even to the park etc. As our assembly is based on the journey, we thought it would be nice to share some simple journeys we take each and every day.

Thank you to you all for attending parents evening these past few evenings. It has been so lovely to share the work and progress of your child. I have seen 27 of you all these last two nights which has been brilliant – thank you so much! Please do keep in touch and let me know if you ever need any extra work as we now approach the last term of year 4.

Next week we break up on Thursday so four more school days to go.

Thank you for all your continuing support, enjoy a very happy weekend!

See you all on Monday! Mrs. Potter. x


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