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Year 4 were lucky enough to be visited by Sam the sound man today. Teaching us all there possibly is to know about sound, we were engrossed with the science and fabulously fascinating facts from start to finish! Beginning with learning about what sound is and how it happens, we were shown sound waves in front of our own eyes, discovering the size and shape all depends on the pitch and volume of the sound!

Using homemade amplifiers, we learnt how make sounds louder… Niamh even demonstrated how to create an amplifier using a simple wooden suitcase! Did you realize sound can travel through solids and liquids?

The use use of everyday materials became a theme throughout the workshop where Sam enlightened us with the science of sound through wooden brooms, old bed slots, water contrainers, milk bottles, straws … and the list is endless! By dropping chopped up broom sticks of different length on the floor, we learnt that the pitch of short solid objects is high and squeaky whereas the pitch of a long solid broom is low and rumbly. Macauley had the hypothesis that this would be the same for everything.. so there was nothing more to do than to investigate and prove the hypothesis wrong…. and this we couldn’t do! All our investigations involving testing the pitch of chambers of gas and liquids all resulted in high squeaky sounds for short chambers and low and rumbly sounds for longer chambers.

Our science learning didn’t stop there !  We enjoyed every single second – a huge thank you to Sam and well done to year 4 for their engagement and enthusiasm throughout the day!

I’m looking forward to seeing how we can continue with this learning in class!

Have a look at the photos to see just how busy we really have been…

Mrs. P x 😀


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