Parent mail 9.3.18 :)


Year 4SP

Hi all,

What another extraordinary week we’ve had!

We have been back in class and back to timetable this week. Although we have continued with our Journey text, it has been back to routine.

In English we stopped our story of the Journey again at the ocean – we learnt about what oceans and seas were and identified these alongside the continents of the world on a map. I wonder which of these you remember and can locate without any support.

We then used the ocean to create a piece of writing. These we worked really hard to edit and track back to improve. You can really see the development of the writing looking back at the first draft to the last. We later wrote these up in pen and are now proudly stuck in our extended write books. Really well done year 4!

We have read a little more in the story – we are now becoming story tellers to help the children cope with the war and journey. We began by planning our story using the story mountain and next week we will be writing these stories up.

In maths this week we started learning all about fractions. We talked about fill in missing fractions from a sequence. Today was a tricky challenge for us all where were began looking at equivalent fractions. We will be revisiting these next week – please do take some time to look at this over the weekend.

Here is a prompt to help at home:

In science next week we will be starting to look at the digestive system. What do you already know about this?

There are a few reminders for next week:

  • 4SP on a trip on Weds to the West Yorkshire Playhouse – this is to see George’s marvellous medicine.

Reading planners

I have changed the reading awards for next week. Each child who reads 4 times will now receive an extra 10 minutes playtime. Homework completed will also be counted for this.

Homework has been sent home tonight. This week it is a story based on Nellie the Elephant. Please remind the children to complete this challenge by Wednesday. The effort and presentation of some is always outstanding – particularly Chloe and Stathis. It would be great to see an improvement in presentation of some homework as I do always love to take them home and read, it always makes my job happier when I see the pride and care taken to complete them.

Next week, all children who remain on GOLD and GREEN from our behaviour traffic light system will receive and extra playtime on Friday. This involves no negative action on sleuth (during playtimes and after school clubs).

PE Kits.

Our PE day is Tuesday, please make sure PE kits are in school as without them children will not be allowed to participate due to our health and safety policy. Please ensure jewellery is removed on PE days or are covered with a plaster. Thank you for your cooperation.


Our value next week will be faithfulness. I wonder what activity we can do to make us think and reflect about this value? Do you have any ideas? Please do let me know on the blog.

Maths homework this week is a sumdog challenge. It is based on equivalent fractions so let’s see you all practising these over the weekend!

Spellings have also gone out this week so next week we will be back to testing – get practising 4SP!

Thank you to all the children that made that extra effort in getting into school next week – What a surprise that was! Most of you were all here before I turned up! Well done !

Thank you for all your continuing support, enjoy a very happy weekend!

See you all on Monday!

Mrs. Potter. x


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