4 thoughts on “How did vikings live their life?

  1. In the Viking century, the Vikings first lived as farmers growing crops,building houses made out of mud,stone,straw and wood ,also some houses have turf on the roof.Viking women married young as early as 12 years old.By the age of 20,virtually all men and women were married.
    Children helped as soon as they were able to.Even very small children had their own jobs,such as feeding the animals or gathering firewood.

  2. Viking life wasn’t as easy as everyone thinks it is because of some rules an some lifestyles that people needed to obey. But for rich Vikings, life was very unlike those of a poor viking’s because of them not being treated equally. A rich Viking would have thousands of gold unlike a poor viking’s dead crops which they tried to tend for. Unlike a rich Viking, poor Vikings have only one room in their hand made home. Hope you enjoyed these facts.

  3. Have you ever imagined how it would feel to live in the poor live of the Vikings?
    Do have the skills to be a Viking? Read on to find out more about how to live like a normal Viking. There will only be one little difference that they were along time a go and you will not. Just think being the first 21st century. You will beat
    the world record of being the newest Viking in life history.

  4. In Viking century some of the Vikings were farmers and some were making houses out of wood,straw and to stick the houses together they used menior.Some Vikings used to practiced sword fighting and archery.Vikings were rich and some vikings were poor and lived their life not very easily.

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