Homework challenge – Animal Town

Story starter!

Most visitors are a little shocked (to put it mildly) when they arrive at Animal Town. Despite the fact that the name of the town gives a slight indication to passers-by that the inhabitants of the town are ‘not normal’, it’s as if people don’t believe things until the see them with their own eyes!

Once you get used to being in Animal Town – or so they say – seeing an orangutan behind a desk in a sheriff’s office and upholding the law to an impeccably high standard becomes relatively ‘normal’…

Imagine you are a visitor in Animal Town. Try to describe your experience.

Alternatively, you could be one of the residents…

Sentence challenge!

‘Can you use verbs and adverbs to describe what each of the animals in the picture are doing?

E.g. The zebra meanders lethargically across the road.

Nonchalantly, the orangutan lounges on the bench.

You could experiment by using adverbs in different places in your sentences.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

A lion sat on the van. A giraffe put his head out through the window. The zebra walked across the road.

Question time!

Which animal would be suited to working in the health clinic?

Can you give suggestions as to the occupations of the other animals in the picture?

If you could have any job, what would it be and why?

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

What problems might they encounter in Animal Town that humans don’t encounter in human towns?

Are there any similar problems that both animals and humans experience?

Would animals be better off without humans? Would humans be better off without animals?

20 thoughts on “Homework challenge – Animal Town

  1. giraffe: oh just look at them
    Lion:just go to class
    Gorillas:yeah just go to class
    Unlucky rabbit: ok
    Lucky rabbit: time for class😊
    Alpaca: *groan*
    Mr bare bear: ok class time to open your text book t pAge 5.
    As you can tell Mr Bare Bear has no idea what he is doing
    *after class*
    The meerkats: hey did you hear the disco is not gonna happen cause the gorillas didn’t finish in time
    Gorilla 1: we can here you
    Gorilla 2: SHUT UP
    Gorilla nerd: the th th that never happened George
    *after school*
    THE end
    Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night bye

  2. Animals would have to eat poison berrys🍓Sleep in the cold,animals and humans are very different like animals have fur and humans don’t,humans can talk animals can’t,animals have to find food humans buy food,animals have tails humans don’t if I was a animal I would be a cat because there cuddly animals would be great with out humans run free,drink what ever they want,play all day it will be great so that why animals don’t need humans🐰🐺🐥🐮🐷🐭

  3. I mysteriously landed in a piece of ,land I dont know where I saw a strange garden I just see a lot of animals.Just hanging around in a caravan.It wasnt long until they saw me the Zebra got me “ahhhhh” I went running of.So then I went back to them and said “you wont hurt me will you” they said “NO”.so what I did was hang out with them.So we played for many days and went back home.

    the end

  4. While I look at my friends getting devoured , I wait on the silver , metal bar for the sun to fade away so then we could be set free. Petrified, if I would be torn to pieces like the chickens were . Finally , the guards fell asleep that meant we could escape and get revenge . As we approached the nearest house I saw a dead rabbit on the road and then I remembered how lucky I am to still stay alive. We sneaked inside and hid to have a nap. When we woke up we saw that we were captured, again! I guess you can’t always escape.

    Sick Sentences

    As the lion sits on the yellow van ,his feet dangled at the bottom . As the sunshine pulled the gargantuan giraffe’s head , the bird flew beautifully in the wind. Unusually, the black and white striped Zebra crossed the zebra crossing.

    Question Time

    The furry giraffe should be suited to be In the health clinic.
    I can see a glow gold lion,furry orangatan , terrifying bear , a gargantuan giraffe , black and white striped zebra and some cheeky miercats.
    If I could have any job it would be a technolighis because I like techoligy like all of us.
    If I could be any animal I would be a bird so I could see the world from above . In animal town a guard might be eaten.
    Both animals and humans can experience life.
    Humans will be better without animals because then nobody would have a disease.

  5. Animal homework

    They must of escaped from the zoo we need to get them back to there correct cages.
    The zoo gates must be opened we need to close them.So the animals don’t escape again. I am imbarased why did they escape someone must of let them out by mistake we have to round them up back to the zoo and there home were they live forever so that they can eat and play.What a day it has been rounding those animals up has taken us all day now we should get some sleep for tommorow busy day at the zoo before we end the day why not we look at the moon,stars,night sky and shooting stars

  6. Behind me stood an old crooked town but before me was natural wood gates. I checked for a sign but there wasn’t one. So I pressed a button . Suddenly the barriers unlocked themselves. There was tremendous road , I turned around and saw a lion with it’s mouth wide open. ( I thought this alerted other creatures that a human was in the area). I observed them a bit to make sure they wouldn’t attack me. After a few minutes , I realised that they ignored me. So I tiptoed ( slowly ) towards the small but . As I walked through the door unexpectedly I turned into a black panther.
    To be continued

  7. Bravely, the great lion keeps a look out for any outsiders.
    Unenthusiasticly, the furry orangutan lazes on the bench waiting for something exciting to happen.
    Grandly , the dazzling parrot names petal perched on top of the sunny yellow camper van.

    Sentence challenge👆
    Sick sentences
    Proudly, the mighty lion rested on the yellow van.
    The long necked giraffe hung it’s nape out of the window as it was so long.
    The striped zebra ambled across the road.
    Question time!
    1 A cheetah would be good because it could wrap bandages really fast.
    2. An orangatan to be a gardener because it could swing in the trees. A lion as a police officer because it could hunt down people or animals.
    3. I would be a doctor because I could help people.
    4. I would be a black panther because they are sneaky and aren’t lots of them in the world.
    5. They would encounter fleas humans hunting them for skins , horns and trunks.
    6 . No I don’t think so.
    7. Animals would be better off with out humans because we trap them and keep them in zoos.

  8. Animal town

    As I approached the unusual town, I heard very strange noises coming from the distance. A few seconds later the voices started to faint into the distance. What was causing this confusion? I finally came to the house and outside there was a big van and next to it was so many zoo animals. I were confused: confused because I have never seen animals next to a house before. Further away from the van, I hear whispering,so I decsided to creep round the back of the van.What will happen? I don’t know…

    Sick sentances
    1) As the lion gently sat on the van, It was cautious because it might fall off.
    2) Without getting stuck ,the giraffe carefully put his head in the window.
    3) Without getting hurt ,the zebra cautiously crossed the road.

  9. Animals take over Leeds!

    Recently, there has been strange reports of a town completely ruled by animals. From bus to house animals roam and they even have their own queen! Our people that have ventured there were too petrified to get of the bus although most visitors were there for a very important reason. We have no idea how this has happened, and our ultimate aim is to gain our property back.

    Today, explorer Dan Peterson bravely wandered about the town and found that the animals were actually caring, friendly and in need of a place to live. Dan will now be greatly honoured and the Prime Minister and her Team will try their best to help them. Dan reported that the animals wanted us to know more about the town that they had made of Leeds.

    Starting with the bus station, no matter what species they are together and help each other. In the Health Clinic Leo the lion (you wouldn’t expect that!) cares for everyone. Although he might have a busy and tiring job he does it well. Assisted by Horcle the hippo the make a brilliant team to treat anyone in need. In the County Court House Sheriff Oliver, a very strict orangutan, keeps law and order ably assisted (well it depends what you call ably) by his slightly dopey Deputy Mally the confused Meerkat. Although it might seem strange having animals make laws, yes this is what actually happens! Now time for the supermarket with a difference. Down every isle there are some interesting foods that we may not find in our shops (beef and green bean soup). Gerald the giraffe will be reaching up high to stack the never-ending shelves, whereas Benny the bear scans your items in a flash.

    Now the Prime Minister knows these interesting facts, she has made an Order to fly the separate families over the world so humans can live with animals happily together.
    Reported by: Mary Dillon @ Newsbeat.com

  10. One day,there were crazy,clever animal’s imposing the Americans beautiful and most precious territory.Shocked and frightened,people sprinting away from there region because of these nasty,selfish animal’s.Four months later the USA super soldiers went to the dismantled town to take away the creatures back where they came from.After,the builders finally remodeled the Americans home.

    Sick Sentence
    Frightening with terror,a vicious lion sat on the van roaring like a dinosaur.Peaking through the window,there was a dotted long headed Giraffe.A stripey,beautiful Zebra sneakily walked across the road.

    Question Time?
    The animal most suited to work in the health Clinic would be the Orangutan.
    The Lion would be good as a guard as he is big and strong.
    The Giraffe would be good as a care taker as he is Tall and can oversee everything.
    The Zebra would be good as a delivery man as he can carry stock on his back.
    Meerkat would be good as a Secretary taking messages.
    The Panda would be good as a Chef .

    If I had a job I would love to be a Footballer as I enjoy it and I have a talent in this sport.
    I would choose to be a Gorilla because they are stronger,faster than humans and they protect their family.
    The problems that the animals might face in Animal Town would be destruction as some can be aggressive and Violent.Humans are more versatile.
    Yes, they can both experience Love,fighting,feelings and needs.
    Both Animals and Humans need each other,Humans need to live off animals for food.They also need them for company and to love and care for them.

  11. As I arrived at animal town I started to realise why it’s named animal town. I stepped into the feral town and saw that everything is like a human town, just that they have animals instead. Suddenly, all of the wild animals started to chase after me since i’m a human. As I stare in horror at all of the animals that were chasing me, I finally found a way to escape. After I escaped I ended up in front of a ferocious rhino. As I gaze in horror I get bashed and punched to the ground by the rhino. Luckily some humans arrived and saw me in a bad state and took me to a human hospital.

    Sentence challenge

    The lion lounges comfortably on top of the yellow van.
    Shockingly, the meerkats glance at the lounging lion on top of the yellow van.
    Astonished, the giraffe gazes in the rising horizon which crystallises his eyes.

    Sick sentnces

    A majestic lion lounged on the yellow van full of animals.
    A astonishing giraffe put his extensive head through the van window.
    The stripy zebra briskly walks across the road.

    Question time

    A cow because they don’t spread any diseases or infections.

    meerkat:court officers

    Footballer, so you can entertain and inspire animals.

    A duck because if you’re a duck you can swim, walk and fly.

    Not enough food, dehydration and human hunters.

    No, not realy

    Animals would be better off without humans because they kill the animals and are starting to make the animals go extinct.Humans would be better off without animals because they get killed by deadly creatures.

  12. Sick sentences:The gigantic lion sat lazingly on the green van.A long-necked giraffe put his small head though the front window.The stripy zebra walked slowly across the narrow road.

  13. Later that day lots of the visitors started living in animal town and all of the visitors were friends with the animals

    An enormous lion sat on the gargantuan van.A tall giraffe put his head out through the glass window.The stripey zebra walked across

  14. Question time: 1.maybe the orangutan would do. 2.i would suggest the meercats to be miners because meercats are known to be good at digging holes. 3.i would be a robot scientist since i like robots. 4.i would like to be an eagle because i want to fly. 5.the animals can eat each other. 6.they can both feel depressed about the environment. 7.animals would be better off without humans because humans won’t eat them again.

  15. Sentence challenge:The meercats are staring curiously at the green car.Casually,the lion is sitting on the green car.The giraffe peeked its head slowly through the window.The orangutan is sitting lazingly on the bench.Quickly,the zebra is going across the road.The parrot is looking at the lion mysteriously.Shily,the bear is in the car.

  16. Once a time there was a visitor who came to Animal Town.Next day when he was exploring,he got eaten by some canivors.-The End-

  17. Animal Town

    Rarely, I visit animal Town, usually peace & quiet is all I hear. Though this time animals were sprawled across my vehicle, tanning under the sun beams of light and howling on top of craggy mountains. I solemnly walked through the door of the cove cafe with a turtle by my side. Creak! Creak! Creak! as I stepped up to the counter. I asked for only a cup of coffee. I dashed over to the jungle gym. Out of breath I met a couple of hyena humans standing on hind legs. I did a three piece work out with the following : treadmill, dumbbell and bicycle. Shivers sent down my spine since I heard the snap of the Croc land in a pool. Next I headed of to The galaxy (a museum.)
    Where I saw the world’s first light bulb, car & landline. I then plodded back to my trusty vehicle. At 40 mph I skidded down the road. At last my hands reached the gate but just as I did so a vicious tiger snarled and made the leap of faith into my garden.

    The end

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