Friday Question Challenge…

Hanging on



What do you think has happened to their nest?

What is the mother possum thinking?

Which of the baby possums has the best seat and why?

Possums have incredible senses. Which of our senses do you think we use the most?

8 thoughts on “Friday Question Challenge…

  1. Unfortunately, there had recently been a storm which had ripped the beautiful possum’s lovely nest to shreds. Now a few days later, the helpless family are wandering the treacherous plains in search of a new home. With such a stressing task on her hands, thoughts are whirring through the mothers head such as: will we ever find shelter? I hope my babies are safe since Rowlo has the best seat really . He never falls off and if he needs anything he can tell his mother straight away whereas the others are the complete opposite. Hopefully, the cute possum family will find a wonderful new home soon with their sensational senses to help them along the way. These interesting creatures have outstanding senses although I believe that humans could manage with just their mouth because they use it to breath ,talk ,eat and drink therefore they couldn’t manage without it. Some days later, the possums have found the perfect home. Hooray! Now let’s speak to the Mother: ” What a frightening adventure it was!”

  2. Homework

    1. I think the possums has abandoned their nest because they are in danger.
    2. Worried, the mum of the family is felling unsafe and thinking will the babies survive.
    3. I think they all have the best seat because they are next to somone who will protect them.[ Mum possum]
    4. Our best sense for me is my eyes, without my eyes I can not do anything.

  3. 1. I think it got blown away.
    2.i think she is thinking of what happens to her nest.
    3.the one in the middle because it might have got on first.
    4.hearing because when you hear your listening to what people are saying.

  4. Tense and distressed,the family had to leave their home and everything behind,the cause of this is because a fight began:between the famly of possums and their arch nemesis,desolate and despair,the family of possums had to leave everything behind in the face of war.If oly there wasn’t a war,if only someone or something could stop this,then there would be no more war and we would have a home.
    [refrences to the journey]

  5. The possums fur is like a hedgehogs fur. An eagle wrecked there home. How do I keep my babies safe ? The 3 one has the best seat because its in the middle. I think we us touch more because you feel a pencil and book.
    Did you know when possums are scared they lie dead. I

  6. I think that their nests were destroyed.

    She needs to find a home

    The middle possum because he is in between the other possums

    Eyes,because you look with them every time.

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