Family homework time…

This week the homework for year 4 is called hanging on.

In the blue topic homework books, the task this week involves quizzing you all at home. Here are the questions for you to get your thinking…

Please do post your answers here on our blog. We are very intrigued to hear what you all have to say!

Ask your parents or family members the following questions:

1. Have you ever seen a possum? Where and when?

2. What do you like/ dislike about these animals?

3. If you found a possum at your doorstep, what would you do?

Now write 2 of your own questions for a family member to answer.

Good luck,

Mrs P x

8 thoughts on “Family homework time…

  1. Annual possum play
    Squeak! Hurry up,and jump on my back.
    Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Okay Mother.
    Whiskers checked possums checked on my back checked.
    Monkey attack run,
    Ahhh! Monkey! Wait, what’s a monkey?
    A monkey is a dangerous creature to us possums.
    Just, RUN!

    Huddle up brother and sisters.

    Dodge it Mother!
    Okay I’ll try.
    False alarm, just fake.
    “Yay” our home!
    Now go to sleep!

    The end

  2. Grandmas responce
    1. No she has never seen a possum before.
    2. She dislikes possums eyes because they are red and they are scary.
    3. She will ignore it because it might be dangerous.
    My two questions are…
    1. Have you ever seen a wild animal before?
    2. What will you do if a animal was dangerous?
    She would ignore it and find somewhere safe to go.

  3. I haven’t seen one never,I like the fur because they look like a hedgehog that will protect them, I don’t like the long snout because it looks like an alien from a different dimession,I would try and capture it and go get a cage and keep it as a pet.

  4. Mum response:
    I have never seen a possum in real life but I have seen one on television.
    I like that possums can play dead if it is scared or in danger ,and that it uses its tail to hold onto tree branches.
    If a possum was on my doorstep I would leave it alone because you shouldn’t feed wild animals .

    Extra question: what does a possum eat?
    A possum is an omnivore, so it will eat anything from nuts and grass to bugs and worms.
    Extra question: Is a possum nocturnal?
    A possum is nocturnal,which means it hunts for food when it’s dark.

  5. Mummy says…

    1) She has only seen them in pictures.

    2) She likes them since they look cute and friendly. She doesn’t dislike them at all.

    3) She would invite it in and love it.

    My questions are:
    What would you call your possum?

    Percy for a boy and Pompom for a girl.

    Would you be happy if you turned into a possum?

    No because she wouldn’t be able to eat chocolate.


  6. Answered by my mum
    1.No not in real life only on TV
    2.In the picture thy look really cute but in nature they might be like a spiky mouse
    3.I would scream and shoo it away so it could go back to it’s home.
    Own Questions
    Would you keep a possum as your pet? No
    Would you give a possum as a gift to some one else? No because they would be petrified.

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