• What are the ants doing?
  • How are they showing collaboration?
  • Why?
  • What do living things need to stay alive?
  • Why is this picture called ‘The Fountain of Life’?
  • Do all living things need the same things? e.g. plants and animals; insects and birds…
  • Why do humans need water? What happens if a person is dehydrated?
  • Why do plants need water? Investigate what happens if a plant doesn’t get enough water, or too much.
  • What can you see when you look through a raindrop?

Collect your house points once this task is completed.

Well done year 4!

Mrs. P 🙂

5 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. 3) That way they can make a home faster.
    4) Living things need: food,water,shelter and most importantly oxygen.
    5) There is a raindrop that they’re drinking from and the ants are working happily together.
    6) I believe they need the same things.
    7) Your body will shut down and you’ll die.
    8) Plants need water to live just like humans. If it doesn’t get enough it’ll die. If it gets too much it’ll drown.
    9) You can see tiny wrinkles and blobs and it looks beautiful.

  2. 1) They are cariying the leaf to their anthill.
    2) They are working together.
    3) They can help each other to build a home faster.
    4) Water,food,shelter and oxygen.
    5) Raindrops were driping so they can drink.
    6) Yes they all need the same.
    7) Your body will not be responsive and you might die.
    8) Plants need water to survive if they do not get enough they will die, if you give them too much water they will drown.
    9) You can see tiny wrinles and spots it looks amazing.

  3. 1) They are collecting water from the plant.
    2) One of them is on one side and the other is holding the opposite.
    3)The ants need to drink water because water is very far away from their anthill and they must be very thirsty.
    4) To survive , they need to drink ,eat and have shelter.
    5) This picture is called the Fountain Of Life because the ants are using the water droplet to stay alive.
    6) All of them do need the same except for the plants because they need sun, dirt and water.
    7) You will become very weak and die. They need water to stay alive.
    8) Plants need water to stay fresh .If they don’t get water, they will unfortunately dry and then die also if they get too much water they will not grow properly.
    9) I can see the plant behind the droplet.

  4. 1.I think they’re moving the water. 2. The ant on the branch is dragging the water down and the ant under it is collecting it. 3. Because they need water. 4. Living things need water,food,shelter and oxygen. 5. Because they’re drinking and water is important. 6. I think living things need the same thing to live. 7. I think humans will dry up and die if a person gets dehydrated. 8. Plants need water.If they don’t have enough,they’ll die and if they have too much,they’ll drown. 9. I can see some plants unclearly through the raindrop.

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