About to hatch….

Here is a writing challenge for you 4SP…

Remember to collect your house points (8) on completing this… Extra points will be given to those who show extra effort or learning powers from the 4R’s





About to hatch…

For the last few days, they had been falling from the sky. Nobody knew where they had come from; nobody knew why they were there.

The mysterious objects, most of them spherical in shape, lay there on the beach, motionless, immovable despite the tide’s best efforts to eradicate them from the shoreline.

Then, a crack began to appear on the surface…

Sentence challenge!

Verbs are action/doing words.

Look at my writing below. Can you locate the verbs and replace them with more exciting vocabulary? Can you add some adverbs to the sentences too?

Out of nowhere, oddly shaped objects came down from the sky. They went into the sand with a loud thump.

A group of people walking along the beach saw the objects, and walked towards them.

A crack went on the surface, and the gathering crowd made a noise.

Question time!

Where might these objects have come from?

Why is the surface of the nearest object cracking?

What is inside the objects? Are all of the objects the same?

What will happen next?

If you came across one of these, how would you react?

Do these objects remind you of anything?

Why have these objects landed on the beach? Is it by chance or is it deliberate?

Perfect picture!

The object in the picture is beginning to crack and open. Can you draw whatever is inside?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The rock was on the beach. It was round. It was big.

21 thoughts on “About to hatch….

  1. I would love to or that has been produced, as a result of this blog post.
    I know that Y4SB are really great writers, so don’t forget!

    Mrs Stott

  2. A little cat unicorn came out of the shell and started flying around in joy with amoson stuff popping out of it’s head! Then,it started turning angry and went red and started chasing every one, and killed people will it ever came down?Ho nows, it Romes in the forest never seen agein

  3. As the mysterious objects drop from above,the balls were about to hatch . For many days, they had been fallling down from the sky nobody knew what it was. As the crack opens up bigger,more and more people are wondering what is inside. Whenever people come past the balls the reaction is why is this in the middle of the beach? Like a huge bouncy ball, the balls were so big and heavy. Inside the balls there are tiny birds inside with lots of creatures inside of the big ball. Everyone was shouting ” wow look what is inside it is amazing!”

  4. and everybody on the beach got scared and some people went into the beach . Everyone wished that they were at the homes and that this never happened to them. Some people were injured and some people were drowning in the water. By Ibrahim Ramadan

  5. The more it cracked the more people shrieked fearing of what will happen will the be an earthquake will there be a tsunami nobody knew people dashed and went to get food and all the gold they had the mayor of the town said “it’s would be best if you just took over another country.” The people didn’t listen they tried to fill the crack and filled up all the tennis rackets with stones just in case a monster like the cracken or a syclops nobody knew all the had left was armour,from the WAR that hapend yesterday. They quickly put it on hid their babies and children in there house’s it finally came It was like a syclops mixed with a trex even though they was scared they still battled “on ward!” shouted the prime minister they finally charged at the monster and in one slash she was down the people cheered with glee. The end

  6. and everybody on the beach got scared and some people went into the beach . Everyone wished that they were at the homes and that this never happened to them. Some people were injured and some people were drowning in the water. By Ibrahim Ramadan

  7. What happened next

    The crack was an even bigger egg with an creature on top of the egg.And then one of the eggs cracked open like it got bombed and the thing inside that enormous egg ate the huge creature and was now a giant but another egg fell on its head and it died and that egg that slautered the creature rolled in the ocean and was a wale. By Joel Hunt

  8. As the stone shaped egg lay motoinles on the ground, it suddenly began to move. As if a ball had hit it, a crack appeared in the rough surface and a stone figure emerged from inside. It shattered the egg and gave a loud roar. He turned and as he did more stone gargoyles appeared from eggs. They all flue over to the small town and before anyone could say anything they had placed themselves at the entrance to the evil masters palace everybody feared King Zachary and his evil palace, but with the stone gargoyles at the entrance, nobody dared to enter and that is why everybody fears gargoyles because they mean evil. By Niamh

  9. Suddenly, a horrifying beast appeared with in a second. Then the next one appeared and another one appears till all of them appear. They start to go into the rest of the city and start to conquer it, then they do that to the country and then they conquer the whole world. After that they started to think about gobbling all the humans up so they don’t cause a racket.But when the human spies herd this they were shocked. So they got all the harmful things that they have and killed them and ate them for the rest of their lives.

  10. Posibilely the huge asteroid crashed down on the Earth shattered in to peacees all over the world many people saw it But didn’t dair touch it.But one scientist took a bunch to his laboratory and studied about for century’s and in 2000 the asteroid began go into mat back ashes with crysteles glinting strate out into to the globe

  11. Then a fire breathing dragon stormed straight out of the strange object.It was a deadly one.later that day it was attacking the city.Suddenlymore and more of the objects came and it became mental.Soon it became soon rise and the fire breathing dragon were back in the unusual objects and were gone for ever.

    I was wrong they returned with a bigger army and destroyed the world.did they take over?We will find out…later.

  12. and then aliens invaded the country! Then you can hear a little voice saying “you will never understand why we are going to do this. You from spaceship at are moon which is bad potion.we forgive you! We will leave in peas and live on the hot Mars.

  13. Then,there was more cracks on the strange objects and it all bursted into pieces.There was nothing inside yet a large diamond.Then,a man went past by.He looked at the diamond and wanted to take it.When he touched it, he disappeared forever.He and the diamond was never seen again…

  14. After it cracked I saw somthink glowing ,I touched it and it pulled me to another demention. I thought it was a dream so I pinched myself and I found out that it was not a dream.I saw mythical frendly beast, I could not believe my eyes so I decided to have fun with these mythical beasts. Then I heart saying I don’t belong here. Then I rubbed the Rock and it glowed,when I got back home I threw the rock to the sea so no one will have to go to that world.
    By Emmanuel moumin.

  15. The crack continuous on the surf they where shaped as bolders and problems ways 5 cannon balls Nile very week one of those will fol from the sky. And some people die because of thes humongous rocks . What were those mistirious rocks? Some people think it is from out of space. But I think that is silly so I think they are from the maintains then one day one of the big rocks fel doun and I was right and all was well.

  16. It lies on the silent beach were you can’t go it’s mysteries go along way back from when your mum was a child. It crackes and shakes all over the beach how do you keep it still? “Well stroke it” ok . To be continued…

  17. The slimy ,green creature shot out of the gargantuan egg like a rocket.When the creature opened his eyes,he climbed up my back and onto my head.Frightened,frightened if my head is torn of my socket.”how will I go home?”I asked myself.
    Other tourists came to visit this amazing egg so I left the cute creature in the egg and ran to my house.What a delightful day that was!Drowsily,I walked to the nearest shop to get some food because I hadn’t had anything to eat since morning.When I came back, I saw a cat so I gave her some of the food to eat .Finally ate my dinner and lived happily ever after.

  18. About to hatch,the undiscovered creatures are ready to enter a new world. Would they be ferocious or kind? Soon razor sharp claws were to be seen. Now a four legged creature appeared. With dark green scales the beast hid in the trees then it completely disappeared.”It can camouflage!” Yelped a small boy in amazement. It came out again “Araaaaaaaagh!” It screeched .Before I carry on with the story let me introduce th characters. Sam ,the little boy loves dinosaurs, aliens and science fiction. “yesssssss!” My dream has come true.He did a sort of funny dance . Yippee! The other character is a little girl called Beatrice.She had short black hair normally tied up behind her. There came a moment the creature slowly crept towards Sam and Beatrice . There came awful screeches and squawks. Bravely, Beatrice held out her hand . Amazingly the creature let his/her head onto Beatrice’s hand . Then it closed it’s eyes and fell asleep.Chapter 1 finished .Beatrice and Sam are actually teenagers.By Areena

  19. Crack! The weak surface of the monstrous ball began to split and pieces of rock crumbled away. Mysteriously, it made the slightest movement and a sweet little chirping sound burst out. It was amazing: an unusual creature emerged , like a crocodile but different. Clambering slowly out, it gently squeaked ” I and all my friends have come to warn you about the earth breakage that is soon to happen. You muman beans must evacuate now.” By the next day, many more peculiar creatures had hatched and the word had spread far and wide. Every person now had a creature to warn them of danger so on their journey everyone was safe. By Chloe.

  20. These mysterious, humongous round objects landed from a special galaxy.Suddenly a loud noise collapsed,people were shocked by the noise and rushed to the round object to see what was inside.Oh my gosh!!! unexpectedly,small creatures pounced on the people eating them.Luckily Professional Scientists came rushing with a special portal to take them where they came from.But will it work…?

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