2nd March 2018 – Homework

I hope you all had a fabulous snow day yesterday!

School is open today and I am very excited to see you all back at 10:00. I am looking forward to hearing all your snow stories and adventures.

For homework this week, I would love for you to complete some writing from the perspective of a snowflake. Think about:

  • How is the snowflake feeling?
  • Do people like them?
  • Do they mean to cause disruption?
  • Do they like being played with/stepped on/thrown/driven on by people?

Think about which sentence types you could include in this writing. In class we have been working on:

  • The more, the more
  • Exclamation sentence!
  • De: De
  • 3 bad – question?

I am really looking forward to hearing your adventures.

Good Luck,

Mrs. P 🙂

18 thoughts on “2nd March 2018 – Homework

  1. I think it is feeling lonely and lost.
    I think they do because it’s shiny
    No because there not alive
    No because they can’t feel it

    The more the more

  2. (1)Since he might the glacial snowflake stood on, he is feeling petrified.

    (2)The more people see the snowflake the more people like it but when people don’t see the snowflake, nobody cares about it.

    (3)While the snowflake drops from the cyan sky, the ice crystal try to keep people calm.

    (4)Displeased,people think that they are dodge balls but they not so stop throwing them please.

  3. Sadly,you won’t believe me that I’m not an ordinary snowflake,do you?Well,I am going to tell my story…So,I start with a thinking snowflake fell on the ground.Then,Puff!Surprisingly,I was been thrown by a boy!Next,the boy that is hitten(which I was on)went to his home!So I started to melt.The more I melt,the more I got annoyed.But it was no use…

  4. Lonely, I am fed up of people picking me up as if I am a baby and throwing me like I am a bouncy ball. Whenever I fall down from the sky people dash outside and throw me on people and on the cold icy floor. Many people enjoy and are excited about this snowy white day. Also are excited because maybe this is the only time of the year they see this type of weather. Personally, I don’t think they mean to cause this damage to happen and they only mean to have a bit of fun. Despondent and left out ,I hate being stepped on and drove on it is just like the feeling if a human has been stepped or drove on. The more people step on me, the more my life is at risk. Why do people not understand me and hurt me as much ? When will I get the respect I deserve? What will it take? By Zahra

  5. Lonely, I feel miserable because when I fall from the sky I get picked up as if I am a baby and get thrown like I am a ball. Whenever I am falling down from the sky, people dash outside and throw us on the ground and cold icy floor. I HATE IT! Many people like me because they only get to see this type of weather once a year. Personally, I don’t think it is the humans fault because they only mean to have a bit of fun. The more people play with me, the more my life is at risk. Like everybody else, I wish people will stop stepping on me and driving on me. The feeling is just like a human who has been drove on. Why do people hurt us snowflakes as much? What will it take for me to get the respect I deserve? Why do people not understand us?

  6. Carefully I drifted down the midnight blue sky: on the way I caught glimpses of fellow snowflakes , gargantuan buildings and heard voices saying ” What a graceful snowflake that is! Finally I landed softly in a thick blanket of lush white snow. Thinking, I heard stomping like it was ringing in my ears. Perplexed – lost- surprised – why are the people furious that I’m on a four wheeled machine ? At least the small ones are enjoying me, I thought. How baffled I was! Wheee! Suddenly I was flying across the sky like a bird that has found a worm. The more I flew the more I thought where will I end up? Splat! Oh look it’s Jim, now we are clumped together. Crunch, rustle, here comes the footsteps of a bitter cold person. Argh! I’ve been squashed, squashed since this harmful boy is stood on me –
    although I do like his shoes! I don’t know how to tell the time but about an hour later, one of the four wheeled machines flattened me. I was flat, flat and disappointed.

    “Hi! I’m Jim, sadly your friend isn’t here to say but he melted!” Although I might be melting too, therefore I am rather anxious! Goodbye …

    By Chloe Snelling

  7. Scared I said, “Here we go,” and the cloud we were all on started rumbling until it suddenly gave way and we all fell down. I remember how sick I felt at the time as if a putrid tornado had engulfed me. I looked down and immediately wished I hadn’t. It was still quite a long way down so I decided to speed up the process by spinning. Round and round. Wooo hoo! Nearly there! Yes! I see a house.”Oh no! I’m going to land in the chimney! ” Phew! I missed it and now i’m going to land in the garden pond! Worried and scared I know it is time. As I land on the ice and begin to dissolve I know it is the end…

  8. Freezing, I stand on a snow flooded cliff rock.Snow gathers around my face like bitter salt, as tears fall down my eyes and as snot came down my nose I felt that I should have never come out in this ridiculous whether.Snow encrusted feet and freezing cold body, this is the worst snow fall I have ever been through!

    Annoyed, people hit me and kick me about, that’s why the average snowflake only survives for 10 seconds. How will we survive now? The more I get kicked about the more frustrated I become.

    Goodbye, I am melting rapidly! So remember, never kick or hit a snowflake.

  9. This is my work (spelling checked):

    Hello! I’m Dave and I’m a snowflake! I’m going to tell you about my life. My first moment was in a cloud. And no faster than you could say ‘this is my snowflake story’ I found myself falling through monstrous clouds in the rain filled sky. I saw eagles, I saw buzzards, I saw kestrels and many more wondrous animals. SPLASH!!! I fall on the back garden of a curious…. cat. It sniffed me, Daniel, Rob, Fred, Amelia, Bob and many more snowflakes. Why are cats snow’s worst enemy? Why do cats have to make snowflakes petrified? WHY ME? Now the cat is eating Bob, Fred and Rob with her mammoth tongue. I try my hardest to run. I fail. I try again. Same. What will I do now. Oh no. The cat’s tongue is facing towards me. HEL_—_–_-___—-__/

    Dave and Rob

  10. The magical snowflake falls to the ground dancing like a DJ hoping not to get hurt.As I am falling down I see my other snowflake friends Tim,Austin and Harris. when we were on the floor we flew of into Scottland and saw more friends up a Hadrians wall.Then we went back to the UK it was good to be back home

  11. 1.I think the snowflake is feeling calm and peaceful.

    2.I think they do because it shine like a diamond.

    3.No because they are tiny and randomly appear out of the sky.

    4.No,they should be treated the same way we treat animals.

  12. i think that the snowflake is feeling lonely and terrified.
    I think they do because it is like a diamond
    no they don’t
    no because if they get hit , then they will get hurt.

  13. I’m no ordinary snowflake. Drifting, floating my felling’s alter during my amazing yet horrifying journey. I started out as a drop of plain dirty water. Suddenly I felt myself rise. I know people may loathe us but when people discover our magic I know we’ll be loved. As much as we hate being trampled on we love the attention. We don’t mean to cause war we just want to have friends besides ourselves. We’ve seen you kids or whatever you call them play and have fun. What we hate about the attention is getting many disliked marks! But I’m sure we get it for punishment don’t we

  14. Being a snow flake is like you falling down from heaven onto earth but in stead falling from a cloud onto the ground.
    And been trampled on feet or round over by a vichle

  15. To be a snow flake it must be freezing cold like the North Pole but wonderful pattens like a zebra but just winter Wight no black you can see the pattens when it snows if you look carefully you can see the pattens very cold very very cold.

  16. What is it like to be a snowflake.
    It jolly being a snowflake because when you drop you have a little bit of fun but then the sun comes out and you melt but then you come back its basically called the snowflake cycle.

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