Sound Workshop


Year 4 were lucky enough to be visited by Sam the sound man today. Teaching us all there possibly is to know about sound, we were engrossed with the science and fabulously fascinating facts from start to finish! Beginning with learning about what sound is and how it happens, we were shown sound waves in front of our own eyes, discovering the size and shape all depends on the pitch and volume of the sound!

Using homemade amplifiers, we learnt how make sounds louder… Niamh even demonstrated how to create an amplifier using a simple wooden suitcase! Did you realize sound can travel through solids and liquids?

The use use of everyday materials became a theme throughout the workshop where Sam enlightened us with the science of sound through wooden brooms, old bed slots, water contrainers, milk bottles, straws … and the list is endless! By dropping chopped up broom sticks of different length on the floor, we learnt that the pitch of short solid objects is high and squeaky whereas the pitch of a long solid broom is low and rumbly. Macauley had the hypothesis that this would be the same for everything.. so there was nothing more to do than to investigate and prove the hypothesis wrong…. and this we couldn’t do! All our investigations involving testing the pitch of chambers of gas and liquids all resulted in high squeaky sounds for short chambers and low and rumbly sounds for longer chambers.

Our science learning didn’t stop there !  We enjoyed every single second – a huge thank you to Sam and well done to year 4 for their engagement and enthusiasm throughout the day!

I’m looking forward to seeing how we can continue with this learning in class!

Have a look at the photos to see just how busy we really have been…

Mrs. P x 😀


Fronted adverbials

This morning we have really rattled our brains together to try and play around with fronted adverbails. With the help from IGGY ISPACE, we’ve learnt a really fun and easy way to help us remember how to include fronted adverbials in a sentence,







Fiction or non fiction?


Using a selection of our new library books, we completed a little class hunt of features of fiction and non fiction, we found evidence for each book to prove which genre it was. Year 4 all worked so hard on this and even built up a whole new bank of knowledge while hard at work.


Well done!

Miss Bell 😀

Reading by the fire 🔥


What at a lovely morning we had….!! We took out our class novel and did some shared reading by the fire. Thank you to Mrs Walker for the hot chocolate!!


I had had such a lovely time,


Thank you year 4


from Miss Bell


Today our blog is written by some children in 4SB.

At the end of today we were lucky enough to have a taste of our very own crops grown in our school garden. Mrs Wake was kind enough to give us some corn on the cobs. Here we are enjoying them! Sweet and juicy, they didnt last a minute!

Thank you Mrs Wake!




KS2 football match

Here are are some pictures of you all in action…

Just look at these boys go… !! It was an absolute pleasure to go and watch the ks2 boys play football on Friday night. We had many of our boys represent our class including Asher, Vivekh, Stathis, Ibrahim, Reagan and JJ.

I stood at the side line beaming with pride…. our boys played with a healthy, competitive spirit and true sportsmanship and I can’t wait to come and watch them play again. Thank you boys and a huge well done!




Open Evening

A huge thank you to all the parents who came to our open evening on Wednesday night. It was so lovely to meet with you and to show you around our new year 4 classroom. Please don’t worry if you couldn’t make it as we get another opportunity to meet in October at parents’ evening. Your children will come home with a Key Information slip, which has all the useful information on such as when our library day, PE day is and when homework is given out/due in.


A really exciting start to our new year together in year 4!

Thank you,

Miss Bell 😀