Fiction or non fiction?


Using a selection of our new library books, we completed a little class hunt of features of fiction and non fiction, we found evidence for each book to prove which genre it was. Year 4 all worked so hard on this and even built up a whole new bank of knowledge while hard at work.


Well done!

Miss Bell ๐Ÿ˜€

Today our blog is written by some children in 4SB.

At the end of today we were lucky enough to have a taste of our very own crops grown in our school garden. Mrs Wake was kind enough to give us some corn on the cobs. Here we are enjoying them! Sweet and juicy, they didnt last a minute!

Thank you Mrs Wake!




KS2 football match

Here are are some pictures of you all in action…

Just look at these boys go… !! It was an absolute pleasure to go and watch the ks2 boys play football on Friday night. We had many of our boys represent our class including Asher, Vivekh, Stathis, Ibrahim, Reagan and JJ.

I stood at the side line beaming with pride…. our boys played with a healthy, competitive spirit and true sportsmanship and I can’t wait to come and watch them play again. Thank you boys and a huge well done!




Open Evening

A huge thank you to all the parents who came to our open evening on Wednesday night. It was so lovely to meet with you and to show you around our new year 4 classroom. Please don’t worry if you couldnโ€™t make it as we get another opportunity to meet in October at parentsโ€™ evening. Your children will come home with a Key Information slip, which has all the useful information on such as when our library day, PE day is and when homework is given out/due in.


A really exciting start to our new year together in year 4!

Thank you,

Miss Bell ๐Ÿ˜€

Belonging value in 4SB

During these last two weeks we have been looking at the value of belonging. We took some group pictures of where we belong. We used our house teams to show how we belong to each other. We then made these into jigsaws. By removing one person from the jigsaw it was clear that the team was incomplete. That made us realize how everyone belongs for the team to run successfully,

as as part of our team competition, we then had races to see who could complete their house jigsaw first! Well done wentworth and sunningdale!

If if you have any photos of other groups you belong to out of school, bring them in and we can add them to our values display. We could maybe even use your photo to create a new jigsaw!

Our value next week is kindness…


…get thinkhg 4SB


From Miss Bell ๐Ÿ˜€

Our Learning Line


Here is our learning line that we use in class as part of our language of learning. We used the film Moana as our hero journey and can really now relate our own learning experiences to the times she had too.


Let’s see see how it helps us as our journey in year 4 unfolds…